Dave Shullick Jr.: The Summer 2013 Midwest Supermodified Association Racing Schedule

The winner of three Midwest Supermodified Association, LLC, (MSA) championships, Dave Shullick Jr. has also won six races in the International Supermodified Association series. For nearly 15 years, David Shullick Jr. has followed in his father’s racing footsteps, competing in these two circuits.

Throughout June, July, and August, the MSA will host eight races across the Midwest. On June 1, drivers and fans will gather at Midvale Speedway in Midvale, Ohio, to kick off four consecutive weekends of supermodified racecar competitions. Over the course of the next three months, races will take place at the Lorain County Speedway, the Toledo Speedway, and the Sandusky Speedway. Fans can also continue their Fourth of July celebrations by joining MSA at the Baer Field Speedway on Saturday, July 6. These races are sponsored by a number of regional businesses, including Adkins Glass, LLC, in Sandusky, Ohio; Burkes Home Center; and Reeds Salvage.

MSA also has a race scheduled for September 7, and its championship race will take place on the weekend of October 12 at the Sandusky Speedway.


Dave Shullick Jr. Places Second at MSA Championship

At the 2012 Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Championship at the Flat Rock Speedway, David Shullick won a strong second-place finish behind teammate Trent Stephens. In forty rapid laps around the track, he nearly managed to catch up with Stephens, edging out Zach Gibson after a “caution” during the sixth lap. Third-place winner Charlie Schultz also made surprising gains, moving up from fifth place, but was unable to overtake the two leaders.

The quarter-mile, banked track provided some challenges to all of the competitors, including Stephens, but a new set of tires along the way seems to have given him an edge. For his part, Dave Shullick Jr. faced some suspension issues that made for loose steering in the opening heat race. Once the problem was identified as a bind in the front suspension, he was able to make headway against the competition and even some gains on the winner. Together, the teammates’ first- and second-place wins were an impressive feat.