About Dave Shullick Jr.

In 1999, Dave Shullick Jr. became the second generation in his family to race supermodified open-wheel racecars professionally. Today, the North Ridgeville, Ohio, resident reigns as one of the sport’s top competitors, having won dozens of feature races and ranked as the Midwest Supermodified Association’s (MSA) Points Champion from 2005 through 2007. Mr. Shullick’s talent behind the wheel and his competitiveness led to his selection as the driver for the Clyde Booth #61 car in 2008. Mr. Shullick, nicknamed the Shoe II, recently started off his 2012 season with a win at the Sandusky Speedway.

Beginning his professional career shortly after turning 18, Dave Shullick Jr. has matured into one of the country’s elite supermodified drivers, while simultaneously developing a reputation for professionalism, consistency, and patience. During his 13 years of racing, Mr. Shullick has set four course records, including at the Mansfield Motorsports Park, the Auto City Speedway, and the Dixie Speedway, and he has won 29 feature races, five of which were International SuperModified Association events. One of Mr. Shullick’s top years to date was 2007, when he battled it out to place first in seven of eight feature races and finished in the top five in every event that year.

For Dave Shullick Jr., supermodified racing runs in his blood. He honed his innate skill behind the wheel from an early age, resulting in his early rise as a competitor in the sport. During his first professional season, Mr. Shullick claimed both a Rookie of the Year award for his performance at Sandusky Speedway and the Tri-State Auto Club named him Asphalt Driver of the Year.


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